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The Personalized Approach


At Simmons College, we recognize that each adult student brings her own distinct life experiences and personal story. We value your story and we value how you would add to the richness and diversity of the Simmons community. How do we show this? Through personalizing your educational experience from the moment you decide to apply.

Here are some of the numerous ways that Simmons takes the personalized approach as it partners with Dix Scholars, who, like yourself, are women 24 years or older or who seek a second bachelor's degree.

  • Admission Counselors Devoted to You
    The moment you decide to apply to Simmons, our admission staff is ready to help. The personalized approach means we are available to meet with you by phone, email and/or in person not only to answer your questions but also to help strategize your next best steps in the application process.

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  • Personalized Academic Advising and Support
    We provide you with tailored advising and support, encouraging and supporting you as you work to attain your goals, while recognizing your need to balance student life, work, family, and numerous other obligations.

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  • Resources for Commuter Students
    Even if you choose not to live on campus, you can stay connected to the Simmons community! Commuter resources include discount public transportation passes and information on off-campus housing.

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  • Professors Committed to Innovative Teaching...and You
    Our faculty focuses on your educational objectives and career needs, while undertaking research and publishing books, but never at the expense of their primary obligation to teach.

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  • The Career Education Center: Personalized Career Preparation and Counseling
    At Simmons, we believe it's never too early to plan for your life after graduation! One-on-one meetings with the Career Education staff provide personal advice to help you launch the career that's right for you. Workshops and career events can provide valuable career information and help build job search skills.

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