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The ABCs of TCEs

A transfer credit evaluation (TCE) will tell you how many of your prior college credits are transferable to Simmons, which all-college graduation requirements you've fulfilled, and which Nursing prerequisites and Nutrition prerequisites you've fulfilled.  Your admission counselor will automatically request a TCE for you during your application review process, but did you know we also offer a preliminary TCE to all students?  This can be a great planning tool if you're thinking about applying to Simmons!  Just follow three easy steps to request a preliminary TCE:

A. Request that ALL of your college transcripts be sent to YOU from the institutions you've attended.  Leave them in their sealed envelopes.

B. Place ALL official college transcripts in an envelope, along with a written request for a preliminary evaluation.

C. Mail the envelope to us at this address:

Simmons College

Office of Undergraduate Admission

300 The Fenway

Boston, MA 02115

You will receive your preliminary TCE by email within several weeks! 

Please note that if you have coursework from an institution outside of the United States, you will need to send a course-by-course CED evaluation of that transcript.  

You can always contact your admission counselor if you have any questions about your TCE!

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