Getting to Know Simmons!

Simmons Social Work Faculty are "One of a Kind"

Recently, Sightings caught up with Shannon Sullivan '15, a student in the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program at Simmons.  This month, Shannon writes about her classes and professors.  Next month, we'll hear more from Shannon about service learning opportunities in the field.  Can't wait that long to learn more?  Click here to read about our BSW program!

Since I have been in the BSW program, I wake up and am excited to attend class. I enjoy seeing my professors and my peers. Sometimes I am eager to attend because a discussion took place in the previous class that we were unable to finish. I have had the time to process and examine my thoughts and can now add additional information to the discussion.

The social work professors truly are one of a kind. Their passion and care is shown in the way they interact with their students. While they are taking care of themselves and their families, they ensure that their students are taking care of themselves as well. The teaching strategies used have been very effective. BSW students have been given the opportunity to attend movie screenings, conferences, work in groups and listen to guest speakers. I have been encouraged to push myself, but I also feel comfortable expressing my concerns if I need help managing the work-load. Professors are invested in building relationships with students and in creating an environment of flexibility and understanding regarding class outlines and the syllabus.

Communication has played a major role in the success I have experienced with the BSW Program. Being able to understand the meaning of self-reflection is an indescribable feeling. It is amazing how much growth I saw in myself after each semester. At times classes consisted of difficult conversations and topics that may either be new to individuals or have only been spoken about very little throughout our lives. But difficult conversations like these are common in the field of social work, and it was important for us to learn how to work through challenging topics.

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