Getting to Know Simmons!

Take your Nursing Prerequisites at Simmons!

We often hear from adult students who are interested in our nursing major, but do not have the prerequisite coursework completed.  However, adults can--and often do!--apply without the prerequisites.  In fact, we strongly recommend that you apply with the intention of completing your prerequisites at Simmons. This unique model allows you the following benefits:

  • Ensure your science foundation is directly aligned to support success in our nursing curriculum
  • Apply once--if you are accepted into nursing, you do not need to apply again after completing your prerequisites
  • Find out about your acceptance into the nursing program earlier than students taking their prerequisites elsewhere
  • Avoid having to take prerequisites for programs at multiple schools before applying--save time and money
  • Acclimate to the Simmons community and resources

If you have questions about the prerequisites for nursing, just reach out to your admission counselor!