Getting to Know Simmons!

What's a Mode? Social and Historical Perspectives

As a Dix Scholar, you will be taking courses across the breadth of Simmons' offerings.  This means that all of our graduates are prepared to enter or continue in the working world, having challenged their intellectual capacities and explored their interaction with their own culture, their natural environment, and their world.  Although a number of adult students come to Simmons with transfer credit fulfilling the modes, other students take them here at Simmons.

Today, we continue a monthly series on each of the Modes of Inquiry.  In October, you learned about Mode 4, Scientific Inquiry.  This month, you'll learn about Mode 5, Social and Historical Perspectives.  Mode 5 courses focus on the historical, economic, political, or social factors that influence individuals, groups, and/or institutions.  In Mode 5, you will be able to describe and analyze historical and/or contemporary patterns and structions of social institutions.  There are over 60 Mode 5 courses to choose from!  Here is a small sampling of Mode 5 courses: