Getting to Know Simmons!

Simmons Alumnae are Tech-Savvy!

Adult students come to us with a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience with technology.   We require all students to fulfill the Information Technology and Literacy Competency, or iComps, by the end of their third semester at Simmons.   We want to ensure that all Simmons alumnae are prepared to utilize technology in their learning at Simmons and in the workplace!  Students fulfilling the iComps requirement have demonstrated competency in information access, ethics, personal computing, Simmons systems, and computer applications.  There are three ways you can fulfill the iComps requirement:
  • Pass the iComps exam administered by the Center for Academic Achievement
  • Successfully complete IT 101 Living in a Digital Society
  • Successfully complete IT 225 Health Informatics
Although we do not accept transfer credit to fulfill the iComps requirement, transfer credits may be used to fulfill the majority of our all-college degree requirements.  Contact your admission counselor if you have any questions about iComps or any other graduation requirements!