Getting to Know Simmons!

Bike to Simmons!

The 2014 Bay State Bike Week is May 10-18, so there's no better time to learn about biking to the Simmons campus!  Bikes are a great way to get around Boston and stay healthy.  We know this is important to many of our adult students, especially those who are studying to enter into or further their careers in the healthcare industry. Here at Simmons, popular majors for adult students include nutrition, public health, nursing and exercise science.  Students interested in our environmental science major, or anyone with a passion for the planet, will know that biking can benefit the environment.  It's also a great way to save money on  your commute!  
Simmons has multiple bike racks, as well as several Hubway bike rental stations in the area.  You can even purchase a bike helmet at the Simmons bookstore!  If you want to try out biking before you commit, each undergraduate can check out two 24-hour Hubway passes from the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.  You can read more about our neighborhood's bike resources here.  Happy biking!