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Juliette Powell: Everything I need to know about social media...

I learned by being a kid. "We all just want to be heard," says Juliette Powell, author of 33 Million People in a Room, and digital media consultant and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank. Powell spoke today at The Simmons Leadership Conference, about making connections.

As a kid, Powell attended 19 different schools as she moved from place to place. In order to make friends, and fit in, she learned to listen. Listen to what people want and to who they say they are.

She urged attendees to use these same childhood skills, when forming a social media strategy.
These typically, "feminine attributes--listening and empathy--are essential for 'digital leadership."

And social capital--what happens when you add value to the lives of the people in your community, and they add value to yours--will help you to grow your network exponentially.

Consider Facebook. Should your company have a presence there? Powell told us that when you count the number of people on Facebook today, its population is equivalent to the 3rd largest country in the world. That's quite a network to consider getting your message out to.

Listen. Learn. Connect. Embrace your social capital.

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