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Maria Hinojosa: We must have an open dialogue about diversity

Award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa spoke to a sold out crowd at the Simmons Leadership Conference about the opportunities and challenges that surround the integration of immigrants into mainstream American life and work.

She said diversity to her means no fear. It means that change is not a threat. She told attendees that we each have a responsibility to be tolerant and to actively engage in open dialogue. 
When asked how she dealt with the struggles of family values and assimilating into American culture, Hinojosa said that there was a lot of social pressure that forced her to do things that weren't really her.  She says:

"I was always conflicted.  What I've done is talked about it... a lot.  Now I openly talk to my 13 year old daughter about it.  Who does she want to be?  What are her values? This tension between culture is the story of America. I just owned it. Keep the dialogue open and keep telling your stories."

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