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Marilyn Carlson Nelson: Lead with integrity

The tIme to create a truly inclusive culture, is not during a crisis. In the midst of 911, Marilyn Carlson Nelson said the following to her employees:

"I don't have time to give you directions, just follow our company credo, and you have my support."

All of her employees are familiar with the credo--they have it on their walls, in their wallets, and engrained in their minds. It is: 

"Whatever you do, do it with integrity, wherever you go, go as a leader, whoever you serve, serve with character, whenever you dream, dream with your all, and never give up."

"Your priorities, she told them, are simply this:


Take care of our own employees

Take care of our customers

Take care of our competitors' customers

If you do that, you will have my support."


Do you have a company credo?

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