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Live Blog: Morning Keynote, Rana Foroohar


Award-winning journalist Rana Foroohar is assistant managing editor of TIME magazine, overseeing business and economic coverage across all platforms. Her Curious Capitalist column, covering the intersection of the global economy and Main Street, has become a must-read for economic and political thought leaders. Foroohar previously served as Newsweek's deputy editor in charge of international business and economics, as well as the magazine's economic correspondent covering Europe and the Middle East. Known for her high-level yet accessible analysis of national and world events, she is a frequent commentator on business for CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC, and regularly chairs panel discussions with world leaders, intellectuals, and economists at the World Economic Forum. Foroohar is currently a contributor to The Daily Beast and can be heard weekly on the New York public radio show, Money Talking.

Every woman faces turning points in her career, leading up to the Simmons Leadership Conference, we asked Foroohar to share her advice on "jumping the curve" to become a leader in your field.
In the debate over improving America's economic competitiveness, talk often turns to reforming education, building better infrastructure, and cutting red tape. But there is little discussion of the more endemic problem: how American business has moved away from its roots in technologically based innovation and toward a culture of quarterly profit taking. In her morning keynote address entitled "Innovation 2.0," Rana Foroohar, provides an in-depth look at the lessons to be drawn from winning businesses and economic models in both the US and abroad.
11:17am - We welcome Rana Foroohar to the stage!
11:19am - "To understand where we are today, I think it's very important to understand the 30 year period that came before." - Foroohar
11:22am - "We are moving from an age of moderation to an age of volatility." - Foroohar
11:23am - "230 million jobs and 9 trillion dollars will be affected by technological change in the next decade." - Foroohar
11:24am - Rana Foroohar discussing the new Fed chair, Janet Yellen, and this exciting time in history.
11:26am - "It's no longer about markets knowing best, it's about human impacts on growth. Economics is becoming more human, people are going to matter more than markets." - Foroohar
11:34am - On emerging markets: "There has been a slowing on emerging markets recently, some of them are flat. You've still got 70 million new consumers coming into these markets every year. Middle class consumers by anyones standards." - Foroohar
11:34am - "If I had to think about what the most important question is in the global economy right now in terms of where growth is going, it hinges on China." - Foroohar
11:35am "China is trying to jump into a middle class company...What this means it that China is trying to move from a country where most people are poor, to a country where most people are middle class." - Foroohar
11:40am - "To summarize, what are the effects of all of these changes? If I had to sum it up. Local matters. We are moving from a world with wholesale globalization to a world that is more regional, and local. You're going to see a lot more volatility." - Fooroohar
11:41am - "There is good news! I've seen communities and companies that are doing very innovative things." - Fooroohar
11:50am - "Math and science are not boring. Math and science are about creating new products." - Foroohar
11:51am - "I think bringing entrepreneurial zeal to everything you do is becoming more and more important." - Foroohar

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