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Live Blog: Opening Keynote, Denise Morrison


Denise Morrison is the first woman to be named president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company and among just 22 women - including her sister - to head a Fortune 500 company. Since assuming leadership in 2011, she has set about creating a culture of innovation, flexibility, and risk-taking at the 144-year-old consumer foods and beverages maker, tapping new growth markets with a host of product introductions. Leading up to the Simmons Leadership Conference, Denise Morrison filled us in on women she admires, turning points in her career, and more in a Q&A.
What better way to start off the Simmons Leadership Conference than with the incredible keynote speaker, Denise Morrison. In her dynamic and insightful presentation, Morrison explains the importance of visionary thinking to compete effectively in today's global marketplace.
8:37am - Denise Morrison takes the stage!
8:39am - "I'm probably the only person you know who has gone from nuts to soup! - Morrison opening her keynote with a laugh on her positions at Planters Peanuts and Campbell Soup Company.
8:42am - "My father told all of his daughters that one day the business world would open up to women, and he wanted us to be ready for it." - Morrison
8:44am - "Only 22 women are running Fortune 500 companies today. Where are the women? We have earned that seat at the leadership table." - Morrison
8:50am - Morrison explains changing demographics and consumer behaviors.
8:52am - "The digital shift has had the greatest impact on how people interact with their brands." - Morrison
8:57am - "People expect their favorite brands to be available when, and where they want them." - Morrison
9:00am - Driving innovation for Campbell's Soup: A laser focus on consumers, leadership courage to enable cultural transformation, structuring teams and people to unshackle creativity and foster bold decision-making, and having a sense of urgency.
9:02am - "I believe a laser focus on consumers is the bedrock to innovation." - Morrison
9:09am - Approach to breakthrough innovation: Accelerate innovation, identify drill sites for new product development, understand "passion points" and "pain points", and delight consumers.
9:11am - "Put the consumer first and don't miss the shifts." - Morrison
9:15am - "Innovation by definition is a calculated risk, if you are afraid to fail, you can never succeed." - Morrison

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