Community Service Blog

Thanks and Giving

The winter holidays are approaching and this time of year is full of celebration and hopefully thoughtful giving. In the S/RC, we are lucky to be part of a community, which responds with generosity and caring. So far, we have teamed up with staff council to be part of the "High Pie Me" team that sells homemade pies for Thanksgiving to benefit Community Servings Led for the second year by Nikki Vanderpol in conferences and events, the team surpassed last years sales with close to 100 pies sold.

One of the things you may know about the holidays is that community organizations are inundated with requests to volunteer on Thanksgiving and around Christmas to the point they are unable to accommodate all the interest. They encourage interested parties to volunteer during other times of the year when they are often in need. I encourage you to find out when these times are and if possible to help out then for ex. Women's Lunch Place needs summer help in their lunch program particularly on the weekends.

We have just received our Frosty's Friends letters. This program, run in conjunction with Boston Cares, fulfills a child's holiday gift wish through a letter to Frosty. Many Simmons folks eagerly anticipate the arrival of these letters and began asking us about them in October. We are delighted to be able to offer this popular event every year and delighted with the strong response we receive every year.

We are also working with Community Servings who will provide gift baskets for their 400 clients and families. Another area of need is for drivers to assist in delivering the gift baskets on Saturday, December 18th. This is a busy time of year but if you are available to help out this would be greatly appreciated.

Back to thanks and giving - The Simmons Education Works campaign gave Simmons community members a chance to send a note of appreciation to others at Simmons. I was the recipient of a wonderful gesture of thanks from a graduate student who works in the SRC. This touched me so much and reinforced my belief in the power of appreciation and acknowledgement. Let someone know that what they do makes a difference. Believe me - it will make their day!