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The Last Mountain

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Boston premiere of the documentary The Last Mountain. This film focuses on the coal industry and their practice of lopping off the top of mountains, in this case in Appalachia, to access coal. The film features the town activists who are fighting the Massey Co. in trying to get them to stop this practice. There is one mountain left that has not been destroyed yet. It explores the destruction and disease that is the result of the these actions. It also features Robert Kennedy Jr. and the exploration of wind farms as an alternative form of energy.

Bill Haney, Director spoke after the film and what stood out for me was his emphasis on how a few "ordinary" people who join together and are passionate for a cause are able to effect change. He also mentioned that everyone can participate in this cause through using the green option of their energy provider for example NStar offers a choice of NStar Wind which costs a little more but is an inexpensive way to get more green in th system.

Go see the film - it is playing at the Kendall and West Newton cinemas - probably for a limited time.

Posted by Carolyn Grimes on June 28, 2011 5:31 PM

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