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Learning by Giving: Philanthropy in Practice

This spring, Simmons undergraduate students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the grant-making process through a new hands-on course made possible by the Learning by Giving Foundation.

In MGMT/SW 290 Learning by Giving: Philanthropy in Practice, Simmons students from all areas of the college will be able to participate in working with and distributing $10,000 to local nonprofit organizations that empower women and girls. Students are given full responsibility for deciding how to invest this funding in local nonprofit organizations that are addressing important community needs. This course teaches students how to make strategic philanthropic decisions that will have lasting social impact. Students will understand the social and economic roles of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy and the processes through which social change is funded and implemented through perspectives of faculty from the School of Management as well as the School of Social Work with service-learning overseen by the Scott/Ross Center.

Why does this matter? The Learning by Giving website states "Philanthropy touches every major social issue we face. We need informed, skilled, thoughtful philanthropic leaders and change agents now and in the future to address our greatest challenges." As we know, Simmons students are all about making a difference in the world and here are more tools that can help them succeed, whether they are social workers, activists, CEO's or nonprofit directors.