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Assistant Professor, UMD iSchool, Archives & Information Management, College Park, MD

UMD iSchool is hiring for a Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Seeking a leader in the fields of archives, digital preservation, data curation, cultural heritage informatics, or information management.

Apply by November 15, 2017

The University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD's iSchool) seeks an energetic, creative, and forward-thinking individual for a tenure-track faculty position in a diverse and interdisciplinary environment where teaching, service, and research are highly valued and colleagues collaborate in all aspects of their academic work. We seek a colleague who will be a leader in research and teaching in the fields of archives, digital preservation, data curation, cultural heritage informatics, or information management. In particular, we seek someone with deep understanding of archives and digital preservation concepts and issues, and whose research program will investigate and develop knowledge about digital techniques in the computational representation, access, preservation, and management of archival collections in diverse contexts. Ideal candidates must demonstrate novel and impactful scholarship relevant to archives or digital curation or any of the areas described above. Preference will be given to candidates that consider the ethical, social justice, diversity, policy, preservation, and equitable access issues associated with their work.

The iSchool houses several research centers and laboratories. Of particular relevance to this search is the Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC). The DCIC has two research-focused labs and five technology labs for student learning and faculty/student research. DCIC engages in research with graduate and undergraduate students on areas such as community displacement, refugee narratives, movement of people, citizen interment, racial zoning, and cyberinfrastructure for digital curation.

As a faculty member, the successful candidate will be involved in:

  • Developing and implementing research projects as well as disseminating research results and impacts
  • Designing and developing curricula related to archives, digital/data curation, cultural heritage informatics, or information management
  • Crafting exceptional research and educational experiences for students
  • Taking leadership roles in the College and relevant professional communities, particularly related to program and curriculum development
  • Participating fully in faculty governance of the College and the University
  • Contributing to a vibrant community of scholars and teachers at a top-ranked iSchool through research, consulting, and/or outreach effort

Inquiries about this position may be directed to Kibbi Henderson at

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