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International Council for Scientific and Technical Information Workshops, Washington D.C.

ICSTI (International Council for Scientific and Technical Information) workshops registration is open at:

The ITOC and TACC Workshops will be held as part of the ICSTI 2017 General Assembly and workshops event on Thursday 26th October 2017 in Washington D.C. The event is hosted by the Library of Congress.

ITOC Workshop
The Information Trends and Opportunities Committee (ITOC) is the catalyst for strategic thinking of ICSTI. It conducts foresight/horizon scanning to identify trends and opportunities of interest and relevance to ICSTI members. The Chair of ITOC is Margret Plank, Head of Competence Center for non-textual Materials at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB).

Workshop Description
Next generation metrics for open science As science shifts towards collaborative endeavour, transparency of process and increasing significance of data driven research, new modes of work and expertise are emerging in academia. However, common metrics which aim to benchmark the impact and value of research mostly emphasize traditional scientific outputs (publications in high impact journals). Novel bases and methods of research and forms of scholarly communication are not included, e.g. data curation, data publication, new modes of scientific output including video abstracts, blogs, micropublications and the sharing of scientific tools and software.
To develop new modes of scholarly communication and activity that ensure transparency, reproducibility and reusability, additional systems are necessary to recognize and value new scientific roles (e.g. data experts) and new incentive/accreditation processes for science researchers. This workshop presents thoughts on how to address these imperatives for change.

TACC Workshop
ICSTI's Technical Activities Coordinating Committee (TACC) typically focuses on exploring and communicating technical aspects of innovative trends in information science-based tools that help make STI more useable and accessible. The Chair of TACC is Brian Hitson, Director US DOE/Office of Scientific and Technical Information (DOE/OSTI).

Workshop Description
Machine Learning and Its Applications to Scientific and Technical Information Machine learning may be the next great innovation in knowledge search and discovery. Machine learning describes what happens in machines that get trained to perform a task by exposure to examples of what they're supposed to learn. It's already happening all around us in the development of facial and object recognition; selfdriving cars; instant language translation; and speech recognition. This workshop will explore machine learning and its applications relevant to science and, more specifically, to various forms of scientific and technical information, including images, data, and text.

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