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Call for Nominations: Commencement 2019 Honorary Degrees

On behalf of the College Honorary Degree Committee, consider nominating a distinguished individual for a Simmons honorary degree for Commencement 2019. Nominations are due December 20th.

Each May at Commencement, we bestow honorary degrees on 4-6 individuals who exemplify the Simmons mission -- and two of these usually give graduation addresses, a moment of reflection and pride for graduating students and their families. In addition, some honorary degree recipients engage with students and other community members on campus -- and if we are lucky, they continue their relationship with the College over the long term.  


This is an opportunity for Simmons to recognize, thank, and meet some extraordinary people. 

The nomination process is simple -- any member of our community (admin, staff, students, faculty, alums) is welcome to nominate. Nominees are generally outstanding in their fields and have a substantial body of work over years of activity to recommend the honor. They may be from the US or another country. They may be in any professional field. Their work should be aligned with and exemplify the beliefs and values of the College. 


To submit a nomination, please complete this simple form online:


The Honorary Degrees Committee is developing the slate for Commencement 2019. Your nomination will be fully considered if submitted online before December 20th. Once the faculty committee votes a slate, it is forwarded to the Board of Trustees for consideration and approval. An announcement of each year's honorary degree recipients is made in the spring of the graduating year.

Call for Submissions