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Historical Archivist, Diocese of Manchester, NH

ACCOUNTABILITY: The Bishop of Manchester is the visible principal and foundation of unity in the particular diocese entrusted to him. In a unique and visible way, he makes Christ's mission present and enduring as Shepherd of the Christian Community. In order to fulfill his mission, the Bishop employs suitable, chosen collaborators (clerics, religious, or lay people). He shares with them the apostolic mission and entrusts various responsibilities to them. 

Each position employed in the Chancery helps to extend the ministry of the Bishop in particular ways as outlined in the position description. All employees of the diocesan administration assist the Bishop of Manchester in serving the parishes, schools and institutions of the Catholic Church in New Hampshire.

This position is accountable to the Bishop of Manchester and is supervised by the Chancellor.


The historical archivist is responsible for assembling, cataloguing, preserving, and managing valuable collections of historical information regarding the Catholic Church in New Hampshire and its ministries. The historical archivist primarily serves the administrative needs of the Diocesan Administration and assists parishes and Catholic schools with research, preservation, and records management issues but also makes the archives available to the public for scholarly research.


  1. Assist the Bishop and Diocesan staff by fulfilling the ministry of the archives as a working and helpful diocesan ministry.
  2. Assists the diocesan, parish, and Catholic school staffs with research, preservation, and records management matters.
  3. Assist parishes facing closings and mergers with cataloguing, preserving, and retaining ecclesiastical records and sacred patrimony in accordance with canon law.   
  4. Collect, preserve, and make available for scholarly research by appointment historical materials in accordance with canon law and civil privacy laws.
  5. Establish a budget.
  6. Continue to process archival materials in accordance with established Record Groups.
  7. Respond to research requests from the diocesan staff, parishes, schools, other Catholic organizations, and members of the publicies.
  8. Continue the preservation process including digitization of records.
  9. Continue to accession and deaccession materials according to established policies.
  10. Design and collaborate with others to create exhibits that portray the history of the Diocese of Manchester and its ministries.
  11. Collaborate with colleagues in public and private local archives
  12. Complete projects and assignments as directed by the Chancellor and Bishop of Manchester.


EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, AND SKILLS REQUIRED:                              

Education: Bachelor Degree required. Professional training and/or certification as a historical archivist or related field preferred.

Experience: Work or experience in archives or library science preferred.  Work or volunteer experience in a Roman Catholic parish, Catholic school, or institution also preferred.

Skills: Proficiency in the use of personal computers including: word processing, spreadsheet, database, and Internet programs (requirement details are found in a separate document and are under the direction of the Director of Information Services)

Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing and strong interpersonal skills.

Ability to work well with others both within and outside of the Diocesan Administration in order to achieve objectives.

Ability to use computers, calculators, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and other office equipment. 


  1. Minimal exposure to chemicals related to copier equipment and general office solvents
  2. Lifting and carrying objects up to ten pounds occasionally required
  3. Reaching at or above shoulder level occasionally required; reaching below shoulder level frequently required
  4. Frequent hand manipulation required to operate controls and equipment; occasional hand manipulation in grasping and/or handling materials is required
  5. Other physical activity (twisting, bending, squatting, crawling, kneeling, climbing) occasionally required
  6. Ability to walk and carry materials up and down four flights of stairs. The repository is not handicap accessible.
  7. Traveling throughout the State of New Hampshire rarely required  Please send resume to Diane Quinlan Chancellor for the Diocese of Manchester, NH

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