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Knowledge Management Specialist, Linkage, Burlington, MA

Linkage, a leadership development advisory, is looking for an intern to help design and implement a knowledge management system to curate intellectual capital. This project will involve analyzing the current infrastructure of the digital filing system and determining the next steps for improvement. Linkage has substantial digital assets including collections of workshops and presentations that have accumulated over a 25 year period. This role will be designing and developing the technical foundation and digital repository to support the management, preservation, storage, and ease of retrieval of our resources. We also need assistance in setting policies, procedures, and prioritization for the creation of new content going forward. The goal is a modernization and simplification of our current system. A senior or graduate from the Library and Information Science school would be a great fit. The candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of content libraries with the ability/confidence to create and teach us about the best system that would fit our needs. This intern will work with and under the supervision of Linkage's Creative Services department. 

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