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Student Staffer, ALA Annual Conference 2018, New Orleans, LA

It's that time of year again! The time of year when we are able to nominate one student to attend the ALA Annual Conference, working a few hours each day for ALA and sharing a hotel room - with the conference paid for! The 2018 ALA summer the Annual Conference is held New Orleans: June 21-26, 2018 ( "In exchange for working four hours a day (or a total of 16 hours), these students receive free conference registration, housing, and a per diem for meal expenses. During free time, they may attend programs and participate in other conference activities." Simmons will reimburse transportation up to $500.

Here is more information from the ALA:

We are only able to nominate one student to ALA, to receive this award. If you would like to be considered please email a statement of 300 words addressed to Colin Rhinesmith, SLIS ALA-SC Faculty Liaison. Tell me about your work to support the aims of ALA-SC at Simmons, your reasons for wanting to attend this conference, and how it will impact your professional work.

To qualify for the ALA student-to-staff program:

  • Each student must be a student chapter member;
  • Each student must be a current ALA member and remain an ALA member through the ALA Annual Conference that he or she is nominated to participate in;
  • Each student accepted cannot have previously participated in the program;
  • Yes, students are eligible if they graduate in May immediately before the conference.

The deadline for all email submissions will be Tuesday, December 5 before 5:00pm Eastern.

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