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Digital Publishing Services Specialist, Phillips Memorial Library, Providence College, Providence, RI

Commons Digital Publishing Services Specialist

Overview: This is full time position provides technical and logistical support for College faculty, students, and staff in all aspects of digital publishing services, including systems support, digitization, and development of digital information content and presentation tools and services. It oversees and coordinates the operational aspects of the daily work that takes place in the digital publishing services lab.


Essential Duties:

  1. Provide daily digital publishing and media service technical support, and perform related functions. Collaborate with the Coordinator of Digital Publishing Services to effectively coordinate and oversee the work of the Digital Services Assistants and the Student Commons Assistants. Work with assigned team on planning and coordinating digital archiving of digitized and born-digital materials in the College repositories. Assist in the processing, organization, and storage of digitized materials and collections. Collaborate with library staff on multi-media production.
  2. Collaborate with DPS staff in researching emerging trends in a digital environment and maintain awareness of developments affecting knowledge management, metadata, and information retrieval. Stay current with new DPS technologies and systems to support evolving user access to the library's resources and services. Assist as needed in planning and implementing future digital library development. Assist in developing new user communities and potential content for digital initiatives as required. Participate as appropriate in conferences and meetings and in local and regional professional development initiatives.
  3. Assist in evaluating, implementing, and promoting DPS equipment, software, and services that meet publishing needs. Develop and deliver training opportunities that involve DPS hardware and software. Perform outreach to the community involving DPS projects. Collaborate with faculty and staff to integrate digital collections with other library resources.
  4. Contribute to the maintenance of the department web site and participate in the development of web-based initiatives. Contribute to library-related server backup systems and comprehensive data recovery plans and procedures. Collaborate on the upkeep of the library systems. Assist with helping to integrate library digital collections into course management systems.
  5. Provide general research, education, and related digital media service in the Library Commons and on the web. Participate in cross functional Library Commons initiatives, especially research and education projects and activities. Contribute to quantitative and qualitative assessment of services through data-gathering and analysis.


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