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K-12 Library/Media Role, American International School in Cyprus, Kasou, Nicosia, Cyprus

Start date: August 2018 - immediately

Status: Full Time Position

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Description of the Role:

Highly Effective - Planning

A highly effective teacher librarian develops effective plans for the library program. Annual review of school focus goals, library data and collaborative input from the school community is part of developing a plan of action for continuous quality improvement

Highly Effective - Instructional Specialist

The highly effective teacher librarian designs and implements lessons and assessments that meaningfully integrate 21st Century Learning Standards, American Library Association Academic Standards, and digital literacy skills through direct instruction and collaboration with content teachers

Highly Effective - Leadership

As a leader, the highly effective teacher librarian promotes collaboration and creative problem solving. The teacher librarian influences staff and students to embrace a growth mindset by demonstrating lifelong learning in practice

Highly Effective - Library Environment

The highly effective teacher librarian establishes a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students. The school library space is open, warm welcoming; it is flexibly designed to meet a wide variety of needs as well as to foster learning and curiosity

Highly Effective - Library Management

The highly effective school library and library staff believes that print, multimedia, and electronic materials are core ingredients for building a foundation for literacy, reading pleasure, and research skills. A strong collection:

  1. includes professionally selected print and digital resources that are easily accessible, align to curriculum, foster independent reading needs, and reflect diverse points of view; and
  2. is regularly weeded to create a viable and current collection, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing environment that facilitates and encourages users to select relevant materials


  • Undergraduate Degree in Education; Master's in Library Science (MLS) - or Similar
  • Native/Near Native English Speaker
  • Two years K-12 Library Teaching/Information and Research Literacy

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