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Interns, Credo Reference, Boston, MA

Would you like to see the scholarly literature completely open to everyone in the world?

My name is John Dove and for a dozen years I helped lead the company, Credo Reference, first as CEO, then later as president, and back in the 90s I served as president of Silverplatter. After retiring from Credo Reference in 2014 I took up the mantle of finding a way to accelerate the transition of scholarly publishing away from the subscription model to the Open Access model.

I now have a small consultancy based in Boston and will only take on clients who have as part of their mission the acceleration of the adoption of Open Access. I tell people that I want to see Open Access in my life time and since I'm 71, that means that I'm in a hurry!

You can be a big help in pulling off that objective. I need help from someone with the instincts and skills of a librarian.

  • Knowledgeable of the goals and principles of Open Access and with a hunger to learn more.
  • Having an appreciation for the work of an electronic resources librarian.  [Some of the projects you'll work on will be to detect the lack of discoverability of open content.]
  • You should already know about library discovery tools, linking technologies like link-resolvers, and some awareness of the specialty discovery and recommendation tools.
  • Your friends, family, and teachers all are impressed with your on-line searching skills and your ability to share those skills with others. 
  • Excellent written communication skills. [Drafting or perfecting communications to academics and others about issues related to how they choose to publish and the importance of archiving their works.]
  • Some experience with library reference would be a plus. Curious almost to a fault; well-organized, yet empathy for others who are not. 
  • It's best if you are knowledgeable about the workings of MicroSoft Office products.

This is a paid internship. Some of the work will be on-sight at Impact/Hub, a Co-working Space in downtown Boston. Some of the work will be on your own.  Comp: $15/hour for on-sight work; $12/hour for off-sight projects. 10-20 hours a week from November to June.

If interested in this opportunity send me a brief resume and include in your e-mail an answer to the question of why this particular internship appeals to you. Be sure to make the subject of your e-mail: "Library Internship in Boston focused on Open Access". I won't read any e-mail that doesn't have that in the subject line.

I plan to make a decision on bringing you on as an intern by November 1st, if not sooner.


John G. Dove


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