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Call for Proposals: iConference - Young People, Information, and Technology

Establishing an Inspiring, Inclusive, and Interdisciplinary Research Community Around Young People, Information, and Technology

Do you work in the area of young people, information, and technology? For our iConference workshop, we want to bring together researchers focused on the intersection of these three areas. Our goal is to build a research community that supports and promotes innovative, groundbreaking research in this critical area of youth engagement with technology and information.

The workshop will include presentations on current and ongoing research in this area, followed by design activities and discussion focused on topics such as:

  • What role can iSchools play in exploring relationships between information, young people, and technology? 
  • What methods are best for studying young people's digital practices around reading / writing / gaming, and their effects on how young people participate/engage?
  • Which theoretical frameworks support this work? 
  • How do privacy issues complicate both how young people participate, and how we, as a scholarly community, study them?

For the workshop presentations, we are looking for submissions focused on research that sits at the intersection of information, young people, and technology. We are looking for short, 10-minute papers, demonstrations, or creative activities.

If you are interested in presenting your research during the workshop, please submit a 250-word abstract by January 18th, 2019 to

Call for Submissions