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Marketing Intern, Simmons Dining Services, Boston, MA

Position Description

The marketing intern will assist in marketing plan development, graphic design, meal plan / declining balance sales, and research.

Reporting Relationships: Reports to Dining Managers and District Marketing Manager

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Marketing or Hospitality Major, Strong Communication Skills, Creativity, Financial Analysis, Social Media Marketing, Computer Skills, Basic Graphic Design, Effective Multi-Tasking, Sales, Current Student of the University

Leadership Competencies

            Business Acumen: Demonstrates understanding of business principles

            Leveraging Differences: Seeks to leverage different working styles to accomplish the best possible business results; Actively seeks and considers diverse perspectives

            Organizational Collaboration: Cooperates as a team member and collaborates with others

            Disciplined Execution: Manages multiple priorities and tasks; Takes initiative

Key Responsibilities

  • Assists the Dining Team in driving participation, traffic and sales in residential and retail locations through development and execution of events and promotions, working with foodservice staffs to insure implementation, and the post-activity analysis.
  • Is an active participant on the Food Service Advisory Board or Food Service Committee.
  • Acts as an ambassador for Dining Services by participation in dining events and meal plan and declining balance campaigns, helping to conduct secret shops and focus groups; providing general, informal solicitation of student feedback; and supporting the business office.
  • Maintains Aramark's Social Media marketing platform by developing a strategy that is clear, concise, and meaningful; implementing measurable posts; and working closely with Dining's leadership.
  • Conducts research for various projects throughout the academic year, including data collection regarding traffic patterns, competitive analysis, catering, and retail, customer service surveys, intercept surveys, and DiningStyles surveys.

Hourly Rate: TBD

Length of Internship: 10 weeks

Contact:  Richard Cody, Simmons Dining Services


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