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Contract Position for National Portrait Gallery Special Collections, National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.

This is a statement of work for professional, technical, non-personal services to perform digitization and
data enhancement services for the National Portrait Gallery's Catalog of American Portraits and Audio
Video Special Collection.

The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery maintains two special collections, the Catalog of American
Portraits (CAP), managed by the Office of Collections Information and Research Archive, and the
Audio/Visual Special Collection (AVSC), managed by the Department of Exhibitions. The CAP is a national
portrait archive maintaining information and images for portraits of Americans or by American artists in
public and private collections across the country and abroad. The AVSC is a rich collection of original and
post-production audio/visual materials constituting historical evidence of the Portrait Gallery's
exhibitions and programs. In 2012 and 2016 respectively, the CAP and AVSC received NPG's Board of
Commission distinction as Special Collections under SD600. Both the CAP and AVSC continue to acquire
archival material in accordance with their individual Collection Management Policies.

Together the CAP and AVSC are seeking professional, non-personal, work-for-hire services to complete
several projects related to the management of digital assets--including audio visual assets--and the
enhancement of related object and media records in the National Portrait Gallery's collections
information system, The Museum System (TMS). Projects are as follows:

1. Enhance existing AVSC digital records and bring them up to new AVSC standards
2. Process AVSC legacy digital assets, including recently digitized audio assets
3. Digitize approximately 1,000 CAP slides and ingest them into the SI DAMS
4. Select and ingest CAP legacy digital images into the DAMS from the NPG image drive

The specific duties of the Special Collections Digitization and Data Enhancement contractor are:

• Consult with acting head of Collections Information and Research Archive to establish a strategy,
workflow and timeline for each part of the project
• Learn CAP protocols for digitization and DAMS ingest and standards for TMS media records
• Scan color slides for Georgia portraits and upload images and metadata to the SI DAMS,
resolving any errors that occur
• Use TMS to identify images suitable for inclusion in the DAMS based on source, size and quality
• Create TMS media packages containing selected images for ingest via the Volume File Copy

Utility (VFCU)
• Resolve any errors that occur during VFCU ingests
• Make TMS media packages containing unrestricted images that can be made accessible to the
public on the Web
• Consult with head of Exhibitions and exhibitions program specialist to establish a workflow for
AVSC digitization and data enhancement
• Learn AVSC data entry and cataloging protocols, as well as requirements for retention of manual
• Examine the physical condition of analog media and review each item for content
• Catalogue and perform data entry of A/V media, including any identifiable connection to
exhibitions, collections or programs at NPG
• Post-digitization catalogue and data entry for digitized audio media assets
• Catalogue and perform data entry for new born-digital video and audio assets
• Bring digital records up to current Audio Visual Records Standards and mark appropriate records
for public access
• Oversee and perform transcription of digitized assets for public release of fully catalogued

In addition, the contractor shall:
• Meet regularly with the COTR to review work completed and resolve any questions that arise
• Notify the COTR when not available for work or with changes in schedule
• Maintain a professional attitude when communicating and working with Smithsonian staff
• Be diligent and consistent in following object handling, digitization, and data entry guidelines
• Work with Smithsonian staff, other contractors and/or interns to fulfill his or her duties as COTR
deems appropriate

The project will take place over a period of performance lasting not more than 24 months, full time, for
approximately 3,400 hours. The contract will begin on or before September 1, 2019 and be completed
no later than August 30, 2021.

Work will be scheduled at mutually convenient times for the contractor, Head of Exhibitions and acting
head of Collections Information and Research Archive, between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm. The
contractor's work schedule will be determined upon mutual agreement, based on the satisfactory
performance of duties and other extenuating office setting circumstances. All work will be performed at
the National Portrait Gallery offices in the Victor Building at 750 Ninth St., N.W., Washington, DC.

Acceptance of work and frequency of review is at the discretion of the Head of Exhibitions and acting
head of Collections Information and Research Archive, who will meet with the contractor on a regular
basis to review the progress of the work. They will assess the pace of the contractor's progress through
the number of CAP files enhanced on TMS, the number of CAP images scanned and uploaded to the
DAMS, and the number analog media items reviewed and catalogued, taking into account any other
project considerations that may have hindered the contractor's progress. The periodic performance
meetings shall determine acceptance of work and payment.

Inquiries, acknowledgements and correspondence pertinent to this statement of work should be
directed to:

Dom DelGiudice                                                  Sue Garton
Exhibitions Program Specialist                         Acting Head of Collections Information and Research Archive
National Portrait Gallery                                    National Portrait Gallery
Email:                                Email:
Phone: (202) 633-8289                                       Phone: (202) 633-8554

Those wishing to be considered for the applicant pool to receive a formal Request for Quote (RFQ) packet should submit a resumé to Sue Garton (, with a copy to Dom DelGiudice (, no later than June 7, 2019.

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