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Graduating Students Professional Travel Support Rolling Award, Simmons University, Boston, MA

Now that you have graduated from Simmons University, do you anticipate an opportunity to speak or present at a conference but do not have any funds to support it?  This is a professional development opportunity for you!
Please see attached for more details, and instructions for how to apply for the SLIS Graduating Student Professional Travel Support Rolling Award. Funds must be used within this calendar year.  This is on a first come first serve basis.

Award: $400
Available to all graduating students on a first come first serve basis.

Description: The Simmons University Graduating Student Professional Support Rolling
Award provides financial support to graduating SLIS students who are presenting at
professional conferences. The award may be used to cover registration and/or transportation
costs for attending a conference to present a paper or poster, give a speech, or sit on a panel, up
to six months after graduation.

Note: This award is a reimbursement. If you have been selected to receive the award, you will
attend the event and then submit proof of attendance/presentation.

Required: All submissions should be sent to the Student Services Center. Please include the following and email us at

  • Name, date, and location of professional conference
  • A paragraph explaining what the graduating student intends to present
  • The title of the presentation, poster, speech, or panel
  • Proof of attendance and participation

This is a wonderful opportunity for all graduating students!

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