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Research Data Internship, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA

Supervisor: Katherine McNeill, Research Data Program Manager & Collections Librarian

Parameters and Academic Credit:
This internship is designed to be taken for academic credit, and is approved for Simmons LIS 501:
Internship in Library & Information Science. A version of this internship is available for both the Summer
and Fall 2019 terms of the class.

The Baker Library Research Data Program is a cross-departmental program designed to support HBS
faculty and student use of data across the research life cycle, including planning, discovery and access,
analysis, and data archiving and sharing. The intern will work under the guidance of the Program
Manager, along with staff across the library, on project-based and functional work to support new
initiatives and the growth of the program. By the end of the internship, the intern will have an
understanding of the research data life cycle and how academic libraries are evolving their services to
meet those needs.

The intern may contribute to projects and activities such the following:

  • Develop and enhance print and web materials describing the Program to staff and users
  • Participate in the design, testing and rollout of a new centralized communication and tracking system for the faculty data licensing service; link this system to web services for data discovery
  • Improve systems surrounding locally-stored datasets
  • Identify HBS research projects producing data valuable to be archived and shared with other researchers
  • Assess and reconfigure Program metrics, such as the usage of HBS-produced data deposited into the Dataverse data repository
  • Establish, test, and document workflows in a range of service areas
  • As appropriate, functional work in the areas of collection, discovery and access, and data archiving and sharing
  • The intern may also have the opportunity to learn about the variety of work across the library and the Business School overall, through activities such as attending group meetings, as the schedule permits.

Scheduling notes:

  • Regular work should take place within the overall window of weekdays 9am to 5pm.
  • Note: Fall 2019 internships would begin after September 9th.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Ability to work with a variety of people in a team environment
  • Excellent speaking and writing skills
  • Be independent, self-starting and able take initiative in exploring enhancements and solutions
  • Interest in academic libraries and research data management
  • Any additional experience or understanding in the research life cycle, academic libraries, digital
  • stewardship, or data services is optional

To Apply: Please send  applications to:

Katherine McNeill

Research Data Program Manager & Collections Librarian

Harvard Business School | Knowledge and Library Services|T: 617.495.5310

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