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Call for Papers: 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Maui, HI

Please consider submitting a paper to the Critical and Ethical Studies of Digital and Social Media Minitrack at HICSS-53, which will take place January 7-10, 2020 in Maui. Paper submissions are due on June 15.

The minitrack features research on two themes:

  • how and when digital and social media design choices and user practices support and/or challenge existing power structures (including power structures internal to organizational cultures), and
  • the ethical issues associated with studying digital and social media technologies, or associated with the design, engineering, deployment, and use of such technologies.


Examples of the first theme would include studies of the perpetuation of social violence through digital and social media systems and services; studies of the histories, biases, values, ideologies, and worldviews embedded within specific hardware and software technologies; studies that critically grapple with the social, demographic, or economic facets of information technology creation, maintenance, repair, and use; studies that focus on diversity and inclusivity issues in the digital and social media industries; studies of the environmental, ecological, and/or material consequences of digital and social media; and studies that look at political organizing practices that integrate digital and social media in significant, perhaps surprising ways. Examples of the second theme include studies that focus on research uses of digital and social media data and metadata; studies of how controversial actors (e.g., military units, hate groups) use digital and social media; studies of digital and social media that mobilize non-traditional, experimental, interventionist, critical, and/or design-based research methods; and studies from new or under-represented voices.  


The minitrack seeks both empirical studies and theory-building papers. Theoretical papers would engage with or trouble foundational ideas, paradigms, and methods from realms such as technology studies and media studies. Empirical papers would draw on original studies of digital and social media that illustrate critical or ethical dimensions.


Please see the official minitrack CFP for more information, and feel free to contact me or my co-chairs Lauren Kilgour ( and Stacy Wood ( with any questions or ideas. Additionally, please help circulate this call to your colleagues and other networks. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Call for Submissions