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Call for Submissions: The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion (IJIDI)


A Special Issue of The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion (IJIDI)


In a context of social justice promoting equitable access to benefits and opportunities to all and particularly among the least advantaged members of society, the concepts of diversity, inclusion and access to information are critical. Hence in a spirit of promoting social justice, including its inherent construct of fair distribution of both benefits and burdens, voices in the global south/developing parts of the world become critical in achieving a more holistic understanding of the role of diversity, inclusion and information access.

This special issue of IJIDI, working within a social justice paradigm, seeks to garner global south perspectives engaging the broader ontological, theoretical and methodological issues that affect diversity and inclusion in a range of information or information-related fields. Scholarly engagement with communities of practice responding to the exigencies of social justice in developing world information contexts are also sought by this special issue.  

We seek submissions from library and information science and cognate disciplines. Coverage of the following themes, inter alia, are welcome:

  • Equal access to information by all in society (including the least advantaged and marginalized groups).
  • Decolonizing practices in libraries, museums, and archives, including but not limited to indigenous stories and voices, metadata and subject access to indigenous materials, the recruitment and inclusion of information professionals from indigenous communities, and so on.
  • How memory institutions (for example, libraries, museums, and archives) make resources and services inclusively accessible to the citizenry of a nation.
  • Open access (OA), that is, free, unrestricted online access to research outputs, as a means of social justice.
  • Promotion of access to research output in higher education for knowledge production purposes.
  • Cultural concepts, such as 'Ubuntu' (with implications of sharing and communal justice) in the African context, as a social justice tool to promote the growth of global south/developing world scholarship.
  • The emerging trend of 'library as a publisher' service to facilitate scholarly communication throughout the 'global village' (north and south included).
  • The role of the digital environment academic librarian as a partner in the scholarly communication process rather than the traditional supporter.
  • Access to research output for the promotion of the global south as a contributor to global knowledge production rather than just a consumer.
  • Access to information to find solutions to challenges to global south societies, for example, those identified by the United Nations in 2015 in its Agenda 2030 as 'sustainable development goals.'
  • Accessibility considerations and the inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • The role of information in the fairness with which economic, political and social benefits and burdens are distributed in society.
  • Reading practices, engagement and outreach programs in libraries and other information, culture, and memory institutions.
  • The preservation of cultural heritage: preserving traditions in the digital world.


We invite fully developed research papers for the Articles section (original empirical research, conceptual and theoretical papers), as well as shorter submissions for the Special section (opinion/viewpoint submissions, reports from the field, doctoral work-in-progress reports, and other shorter miscellaneous pieces).


This special issue of IJIDI is scheduled for publication in July 2020. The following submission timeline applies:

31 July 2019: Expressions of interest (name, role and affiliation; Extended abstracts of up to 1,000 words for full research papers, and up to 500 words for contributions to the special section). Please email your submissions to:

31 August 2019: Notification of acceptance

31 December 2019: Full papers due

July 2020: Special issue published


This issue will be guest edited by:

Dr. Jaya Raju, Department of Knowledge and Information Stewardship, Humanities Faculty,  University of Cape Town, South Africa (

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