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Library Director, Centerville Public Library, Centerville, MA

General Description:
As a center of community life, the Centerville Public Library encourages and supports civic, intellectual
and cultural pursuits. It provides a wide range of information and materials to people of all ages, using
traditional methods and innovative technology. The Centerville Public Library strives to adapt to the
changing needs of the community. Its welcoming environment stimulates thinking, enhances knowledge
of the world and improves the quality of leisure time. The Centerville Public Library educates the
community to understand, appreciate and financially support the Library's relevance.

The Library Director must be a dynamic leader in the areas of human resources, fiscal planning, budget
management, fundraising and communications with the ability to market the services of the library and
its facility to support the objectives and goals established by the Board of Trustees and in compliance
with local and state government agencies.

The Library Director serves as the chief executive officer for the Centerville Public Library with oversight
of the library's facility, fiscal affairs, staff, technology, programs, collections, and services.

Reports to:
Centerville Public Library Board of Trustees and works closely with various Board Committees on
building operations, personnel-related matters, financial matters, and fundraising.

Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in business management or library services preferred. Significant
administrative and supervisory responsibility in managing a nonprofit organization will be considered.


Board Relations
• Provide staff support to the Library Board of Trustees by assisting with meetings, preparing agendas
reports; implementing policy decisions; and attend meetings as ex officio member on Board
• Assist with and promote orientation and continuing education for Board members.
• Provide professional expertise and guidance to the board including but not limited to presenting
information on pertinent legislation from local, state, and federal agencies, discussing trends in library
technology, funding, and management wherever possible.
• Prepare a written annual plan.
• Review and evaluate the effectiveness of library services in relation to the changing needs of the
community and develop plans and resources to meet those needs.
• Prepare strategic plans for the library seeking input from the private sector.
• Work for compliance with the Massachusetts Public Library standards.

• Prepare and present library annual budget for consideration and adoption by Board.
• Monitor and approve expenditures from the official operating budget.
• Check bills and employee time records.
• Represent the library's budgetary interests to the Barnstable Library Committee.
• Prepare monthly and yearly financial reports on budget accounts, receipts, and endowment funds.
• Present an audit report to the Board.
• Prepare and send required reports to Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, Town of
Barnstable and other funders.
• Prepare an annual review of library insurance policies and other contract services and make
recommendations for any changes.

• The Director shall be responsible (some aspects may be delegated to supervising librarians) for all
aspects of personnel management, including:
• Supervise the library staff, directly or through appropriate delegation, to create a harmonious team
• Direct and participate in personnel actions such as recruiting, hiring, termination, assignment,
evaluation of employees, training and scheduling.
• Periodically review staff positions and job descriptions in accordance with changing library needs.
• Establish work rules and regulations, in accordance with statutes and regulations.
• Promote employee work satisfaction and general staff welfare.
• Prepare annual employee performance evaluation reports.
• Meet quarterly with staff to review individual goals and objectives.
• Recommend salary and benefit changes to Board.
• Plan and conduct staff meetings regularly.
• Assist with direct patron services, as needed.

Public and Patron Relations
• Direct a public relations/marketing program to promote and publicize the library's collections,
services, and programs.
• Work to establish effective communications through news releases, e-mail, print newsletters, blogs,
web sites, etc.
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with schools, agencies, civic and community
groups, the general public and the news media.
• Represent the library at and speak before the community, civic and other groups regarding the
objectives and activities of the library.
• Effectively address patron complaints and public criticism of the library.
• Prepare questionnaires and surveys to evaluate public responses to the library.

• Direct the development and maintenance of the library's collections.
• Supervise selection, acquisition, and processing of library materials to meet public needs within the
structure of library selection policies and budgetary limitations.
• Administer the library's technology needs and related activities, such as training, as applicable to staff,
CLAMS, the Internet and the community. Purchase equipment and software as needed.

Physical Facilities
• Oversee all aspects of the physical plant, grounds, furnishings, and equipment.
• Supervise housekeeping, maintenance, and repair of building, grounds, furnishings and equipment.
• Purchase equipment and furnishings as needed.
• Schedule and supervise contract services, maintenance personnel and take appropriate action in
emergency situations.
• Oversee and approve scheduled use of the library by outside groups.

• Accompany Trustees and development personnel on calls to major prospects.
• Assist development personnel with overall planning and implementation of fundraising plans.
• Prepare grant requests to town, state, and Federal agencies and private and public foundations and
administers grant funds upon award.
• Research and identify, cultivate, solicit and steward donor prospects including individuals,
foundations, and businesses.
• Help to secure sponsorship for library special events and program needs.
• Work with appropriate committees to implement fundraising events.

This job description is not, nor is it intended to be, a complete statement of all duties, functions, and
responsibilities that comprise this position. The Library Director's job also includes any other duties that
are requested by the Board of Trustees or that are essential to ensuring that CPL provides the best
possible library service to the community. The Board will evaluate the Library Director annually.

Salary Range: $65,000 to $70,000 (full time)

Resumes should be sent to:
Centerville Public Library
Search Committee
585 Main Street
Centerville, MA 02632
Or email:
Laura Groark
Head of Search Committee at:

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