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Mental Health/Mindfulness Internship - Fall 2019, UMASS Amherst, Boston/Western, MA/Remote

This 130-hour internship will support activities across three groups working at the intersection of
librarianship and mental health/mindfulness:

  • The Association of Mental Health Librarians (AMHL)
  • Mindfulness for Librarians, Facebook Group
  • Contemplative Pedagogy Interest Group, ACRL

Using a de-centralized approach, the intern will engage with a variety of projects, update information,
compile resources and assist with new initiatives across the three groups.

The intern will be responsible for ongoing communication with the point person from each of the three
groups: Madeleine Charney for the Facebook group, Matthew Regan for the ACRL group and Len Levin
for AMHL. Madeleine will serve as supervisor as well. Rotating between groups/projects will allow for
insights into the groups' professional work, support the groups' growth, and help weave a more
cohesive Community of Practice around the issues of mental health and mindfulness.

The intern will be encouraged to consider other opportunities beyond those listed below if they fit into
their workflow, limited hours and interests. The internship will include deliverables such as a paper of
significant length and a resource list which will be posted in multiple places.

Google docs will be used to track hours and share a schedule of projects and timelines. Meetings with
the supervisor about every two weeks (by phone/Skype) or more often as needed.

Activities, Goals and Expectations (subject to some change/adjustment):
1. The Association of Mental Health Librarians

  • Help facilitate a topical webinar
  • Help select/recommend resources
  • Update website (and offer recommendations)

2. Mindfulness for Librarians

  • Facilitate informal Virtual Hangouts (~3)
  • Post content to FB group regularly
  • Compile list of resources - attach file to FB group
  • Create and administer a basic survey about how mindfulness is being applied at various libraries. See where there is a need for resources, connection in the profession, etc.

3. ACRL Contemplative Pedagogy Interest Group

  • Outreach/poll to LIS students
  • Outreach/poll new members
  • Other support as needed


  • Passion for mental health/mindfulness topics
  • Flexible
  • Self-directed
  • Willing to ask for assistance as needed
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Ability to turn around tasks and honor deadlines
  • Successful completion of nine credits
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Faculty approval

Boston, Western MA or Remote

To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume to Madeleine Charney, Research Services Librarian, at

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