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Pre-Professional Library Assistant (Part time), Harry V. Keefe Library - Boston Latin School, Boston, MA

Job Summary:
Boston Latin School is seeking an individual to work in the Keefe Library part-time in the afternoons during the 2019-2020 school year. This is a pre-professional position that will give the candidate an opportunity to be part of a team with two full-time librarians in a lively, exciting school library program. The candidate would work at the end of the school day and after school hours. The atmosphere after school is busy with 150-200 students daily doing homework, meeting with clubs, filming, researching and more. We have a team of student volunteers each afternoon that helps with basic desk duties such as book checkout, loaning textbooks, etc. The candidate should be a self starter who is comfortable with leading and supervising large groups, interacting and talking with students to get to know them. Other library-related tasks might include creating book displays, helping with specific collection development tasks, supervising equipment loaning, as well as some special projects such as creating slideshows, collecting data from students through interviews and surveys.

Boston Latin School is a grade 7-12 exam school and is the largest of all Boston Public Schools. Our diverse student body of 2400 young adults come from all neighborhoods in Boston.

*This position is funded by the Boston Latin School Association (BLSA).

General Responsibilities:

  • Supervise students with librarians;
  • Leading and supervising large groups;
  • Create book displays;
  • Supervise loaning equipment in library;
  • Learn to use digital platform LibGuide as well as specific digital content platforms such EBSCO Discovery;
  • Work with student clubs as needed;
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, technology, and customer service skills;
  • Knowledge of Google Apps for Education;
  • 4 days/week from 1pm- 4pm, starting September 5, 2019.

Contact: Deeth Ellis, Head Librarian, Boston Latin School -

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