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Entrepreneurship Assistant (part-time), Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Night and weekend work required

The Northeastern University Library is seeking an enthusiastic, friendly and energetic person for the position of Entrepreneurship Assistant. Reporting to the Entrepreneurship Librarian, this position supports Snell Library's effort to engage and collaborate with the university's business and entrepreneurial community. The Entrepreneurship Assistant has two primary responsibilities:

  1. Build relationships with individual members of the community such as students, faculty, staff, or alumni, through regular outreach efforts

     2. Support the Entrepreneurship Librarian's goals by coordinating information collection and organization.

The successful candidate will be:

  • Self-directed, possess the ability to make independent decisions
  • Enthusiastic about the prospect of regular face-to-face interaction with many different people
  • Intellectually curious, with a broad range of interests, particularly related to entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and business
  • Bold, energetic, eager to learn, undaunted by the prospect of change and uncertainty

Why would you want this job?
The Entrepreneurship Assistant is a unique position at Northeastern Library and offers the experience of working in a dynamic and changing environment and differs substantially from traditional library roles. You get to experience what working in public services in an academic library is all about. The position is new, which means you have the potential to develop the role as you build your own experience.

Outreach is an essential responsibility for any public services librarian and this position provides direct experience building relationships with a university community. Furthermore, developing your outreach skillset doesn't lend itself to classroom instruction, you have to learn through practical experience. This position is an excellent opportunity to supplement your library instruction with experiential learning.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Be able to work independently without direct supervision
  • Comfortable with regular face-to-face interaction
  • Be available to work nights and weekends, particularly Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings
  • Adept listening skills
  • Comfortable attending university events, where you don't know anyone, introducing yourself and actively participating in the conversation
  • Comfortable reaching out to people who you may not know, via email, phone call or in-person
  • Be able to read, write, and speak English
  • Be comfortable using computer software such as Microsoft Office
  • Be comfortable communicating electronically using tools such as email, SMS text messaging and Slack

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience using and coordinating an electronic calendar
  • Previous outreach or community engagement experience

Example Work Week
The position doesn't have a "typical day" but here is an example project:
7-9PM Tuesday

  • Attend the Entrepreneurship Club's Tuesday speaker event on women working in finance
  • From the session, you learn about the challenges women face in the finance profession and that there is a new club on campus whose mission is to provide information and support to female finance students
  • After the session, you introduce yourself to the speaker as well as the new club co-chairs, capturing their contact information for follow-up

1-3PM Thursday

  • You follow-up via email with the new club co-chairs requesting a meeting to discuss the club's proposal and how the library can support their effort
  • You call and speak with the club's faculty sponsor in the finance department and get important details about where the club is in the campus approval process
  • You send meeting invitations, via Outlook, to the Entrepreneurship librarian, the club co-chairs, and the faculty sponsor for the following Monday

4-5PM Monday

  • You attend the meeting with the Entrepreneurship librarian, provide input and take notes

1-2PM Thursday

  • Using the information gained from the meeting, you brainstorm and ideate with the Entrepreneurship Librarian on how best to work with the new club

Full/Part-time: Part-time @ 14 hours per week
Position duration: Fall semester 2019 & Spring semester 2020, winter break off
Education: Masters in Library Science in progress
Salary: $17 per hour

Application requirements:
1. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
2. Please answer all of the following three questions. The length of your answers
is entirely up to you:

  • You're trapped on a deserted island and you have three books, which are they? Why those three?
  • What's something that you've learned that surprised, fascinated or was meaningful to you? Why was this experience so surprising/fascinating/meaningful?
  • What aspect of modern society do you think is overrated? Why?

Email your Resume/Curriculum Vitae and question answers to:

Either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file formats, please :). If you have any questions or you would like to chat about the position feel free to email/text or call me. Thank you in advance for your interest!

Khyle Hannan
Entrepreneurship Librarian
Snell Library
Northeastern University
404-353-0983 cell

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