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Volunteer Assistant Librarians, Edna V. Bynoe Library, Roxbury, MA

The Edna V. Bynoe Library at Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School in Roxbury, MA, is looking for Volunteer Assistant Librarians. The school has a student body of almost 1000 children, all of whom visit the beautiful library on a weekly basis. Kids in grades K-3 have scheduled classes, which consist of read-alouds and choosing books. The older kids visit the library with their teachers or on their own. The library is never empty. There is a constant buzz (we're working on making it a quiet buzz) of activity and excitement. Consequently, there are myriad tasks that need to be done, and you will be helping the librarian complete these tasks.


  • Re-shelve books
  • Check books in
  • Check books out
  • Set up book displays

If you would like to take on these responsibilities, you may, but they are not required:

  • Communicate with teachers about resources they need and acquire those resources
  • Engage in reading advisory conversations with students
  • Learn the Polaris system to catalog books

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact Erica Pastor, Orchard Gardens Librarian, at

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