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Ode to Spring Break

As a graduate student, I feel a little awkward telling people that this week is Spring Break. I mean, Spring Break is soooo college, right? Last year I felt better about discussing my Spring Break plans, as I spent a week in the great outdoors of Arizona and Utah – far, far from the dreary New England winter. This year, however, my Spring Break involves a trip north (but not too far north) to my parents’ house in Portsmouth, NH for a few days. It isn’t going to be any warmer or less snowy in Portsmouth, but a different setting will certainly be welcome. This year will make for a far less exciting Spring Break story, but I am looking forward to it just the same.

I am not generally a restless person, but this year’s winter weather has made me quite edgy. I have been spending an excessive amount of time wasting away in my apartment, and my weekly routine has been feeling even more routine than normal. Enter: Spring Break, exactly the elixir I need. Fortunately, I was able to obtain three days of freedom by taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off from my job and internship. Sure, I probably could have asked for the whole week off, and maybe I’ll regret not doing so, but unfortunately my extracurriculars do not observe this week-long collegiate caper.

My plan is to have some good old fashioned “me” time early in the week, then ease back into things come Thursday. So while I won’t exactly be living it up, I’m hoping that this brief reprieve will help refresh my routine. One might say that I am opting for a “mature” use of my Spring Break by not blowing off work entirely and heading to (insert Florida city here), but never fear: my 21-year-old brother will also be home, just in case I start feeling too far out of touch with the true essence of this great college holiday.

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