Student Snippets



This week has been fantastic for adventuring. October is drawing to a middle, but the weather is still lovely, and with having Monday off from school, I felt like this was a mini-break in the middle of a busy semester.

So, of course, I did a little bit of exploring.

This last Saturday, I went to Maine with my roommate. We wanted to see a few lighthouses, so we figured we'd take the scenic 1A highway up to Portland. According to GoogleMaps, Portland is usually just under 2 hours away by interstate. We figured it'd take us an extra half-hour to forty-five minutes.

Ummmm. No.

Being from Montana, we were still going by Montana highways, which while you will hit more towns by taking the highway, you do still have plenty of stretches going 65 mph. It tooks us four hours to get to Portland. It was a lovely drive, but we didn't have much time to check out Portland while we were there. In fact, we pretty much walked up their Arts District street, tried to go into the Portland Art Museum which was closing in half an hour, and then ate Thai food and went home. It was a great time though.

Yesterday, we decided to adventure a little closer to our home. My roommate is a big fan of mini-golf, so we checked out Castle Creek Adventureland. We had a great time mini-golfing and enjoying one of the last high-temperature days this year.

I'm continuously amazed at how much there is to see and do around Boston. I can't wait to continue exploring this part of the world.

All the Best - Hayley 

New England