Student Snippets



Ever since I picked up my first comic book, the possibility of one day visiting Comic Con was the goal.  Middle School Alex would probably be rather disappointed in her current day counterpart with regard to my nerd cred: I didn't keep up with anime, graphic novels, and superhero trivia and knowledge and I do not yet own an authentic Storm costume (though I did put together a pretty great replica using yellow duct tape and black exercise clothes).  Several of my purist friends have complained that Comic Con is no longer only about comics, that "Hollywood took over" and "the con" has been spoiled.  I can understand how these insertions could disappoint hardcore comics fans, but I was happy to learn that ALA is one of those sneaky non-comics booths that is now participating.

The relationship between libraries and comics is an ever evolving one.  The previously mentioned Middle School Alex would scour the one small graphic novel section of my public library for the next installment, which would almost never be available and would take about a month via interlibrary loan.  These dismally small comics and graphic novel collections are a product of that mentality that comics "are not real books," which one would know is completely untrue if they would take the time to read most popular manga, comic book, or graphic novel on the shelves today.  But ALA's sponsorship and participation at New York Comic Con is a sign that all libraries should encourage the addition of comics and graphic novels into their collections.  Stan Lee was a speaker at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference earlier this year and cartoonists, comic book illustrators, and writers happily attend ALA conferences... and even prefer ALA events to comic conventions:

I hope that ALA's support of comic books and graphic novels continues to inspire libraries to increase their holdings for patrons interested in unconventional reading.  Please let me know if you were able to attend New York Comic Con this weekend and if you stopped by ALA's booth.

Meanwhile, I'll continue waiting for my hold on Brian K. Vaughan's "Saga" Volume 3.  A few more months and one of those four circulating copies for all 24 branches of the Boston Public Library should be mine!