Student Snippets


Takin' Care of Business

Good news! I have a cataloging internship for the spring (January-May 2015). It's at WGBH (a Boston TV and radio station that produces two thirds of the country's public broadcasting, like Masterpiece Theater, Antiques Road Show, and Frontline) at the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB). Besides cataloguing, I'm going to contribute to their blog and sit on an advisory sub-committee for PBCore (Public Broadcasting Core), the metadata schema the archive is using and developing for audiovisual material. I'm really excited. It's been tough for me to find a cataloguing internship in the Boston area.

The internship isn't paid, so I need another way to make money. Fortunately, I was able to schedule two of my classes on the same day and one over Spring Break, so I have a flexible schedule to accommodate work. I've been applying for a lot of jobs, and I have interviews for three. Two are at local education institutions, one is at a museum, and they all are at libraries. Most of the employers that want to interview me wanted to do so during the end of December, but since I am in Miami until the new year, I've had to hope people doing the hiring would be accommodating. For the most part, they have been. I'm really grateful. Two interviews are now in January, and one is happening on Skype next week.

I really hope at least one works out. I'm thrilled that I'm at a point in my education and experience where I can begin to get paid to do what I love.