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Snowpocalypse and the Brunch Bunch

I survived "Snowpocalypse" (as work called it)! Clearly, librarians love melodrama. It was my first blizzard in New England, and I actually kind of liked it. I walked around in the back yard in the middle of it, and it was so quiet that it didn't feel like I was in Boston at all, more like I was on vacation in some winter wonderland.

The only real trouble was AFTER the storm. No one knew where to put all the snow, so pedestrians couldn't walk on un-shoveled sidewalks and a lot of streets were only one lane even after being plowed. So commuting was a nightmare all around, for drivers and public transportation users. I waited an hour for a bus that never came and another 40 minutes for the T and by that time I was running so late that I hailed a cab, so it cost me more money to get to work than I actually made that day.

On the bright side, I had brunch with some friends the Sunday before the storm and it was nice to see everyone. All who attended started SLIS during the summer of 2014, so we all had classes together for 12 hours a week for six weeks. That makes people bond! A brunch for this group at the beginning of each semester has become something of a tradition that I very much look forward to... that and the tradition of getting many drinks together after the semester ends.


Behold the piles of unwanted snow.


Introducing the Brunch Bunch! (L to R: Lizzie, Amanda, Sara, Sam, Meaghan, Christina, and Nick)
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Kuntz, all rights reserved.