Student Snippets


Forced Fun and Productivity

Okay. So you've heard by now how much snow we've had in Boston. Living here, it's hard to forget, but I'm trying. Everyone is trying. Here's what I've been doing to make the time go by:

School Work:

  • Writing an XML schema
  • Reading for classes
  • Writing critiques of the aforementioned readings
  • Gradually making a strategic plan for Emory University Archives for a group project

Things Usually Procrastinate:

  • Doing my taxes
  • Filing my financial aid forms
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning stuff that will eventually get dirty again (i.e. everything)
  • Writing thoughtful replies to e-mails (i.e. more than "Thanks" and "Will do")

Fun Distractions and Outings:

  • Going to a Mexican food restaurant without windows to pretend I wasn't in Boston
  • Many movie nights (courtesy of DVDs from various libraries)
  • Binge watching The Killing on Netflix
  • Tweeting stuff no one cares about
  • Perfecting the art of making warm cocktails (Hot Toddy anyone?)
  • Reading Lisa Genova's Still Alice (which is so good!)

Somewhere in here I also managed to go to work and my internship after dealing with long commutes, but that's another story. I could write an entirely separate post about what I accomplished en route to my various obligations. Suffice to say I'm making good use of my Audible account. Really though, this past week was fun and productive, and I guarantee you I'll be singing the same tune in August when it's 95 degrees and humid.