Student Snippets


The Insanity of April

As always, the final full month of a semester is filled with the insanity of every class wanting to fit in the rest of the assignments before class is officially over. I have papers upon papers (seriously, I have 24 papers due in one class this month--short papers, but still 24 of them) and a few rogue assignments as well as discussion board posts.

So what do I decide to do?

Camp NaNoWriMo. Camp is the equivalent of regular National Novel Writing Month, however, it occurs twice (April and July), and people are free to set their own word count goal. Writers can also work on a variety of works, a novel isn't the only option.

I've also been enjoying the presence of two friends who have moved in with me. Hence, my life has become unexpectedly busy.

I've been enjoying walking with the warm weather. I also started listening to podcasts! I had downloaded several podcasts to listen to during the 43 hour drive from Montana, but I didn't end up listening to very many. Now I've become obsessed with Stuff You Missed in History Class. It allows me to listen to something without totally blocking out the noise of traffic and people. I like to be able to hear if someone tries to get my attention or wants to run me over.

Do you listen to podcasts? Leave me a link to the best in the comments! 

Happy April!!

All the Best - Hayley