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Website Launch and Other Odds and Ends

 Last week at my cataloging internship at the American Archive for Public Broadcasting (AAPB) at WGBH Boston, our website launched and went live. This has been a long time coming and many, many people worked very hard to make this happen, so I wanted to take a minute and share it with you. Understandably, we had a party at lunch. I basically only ate cake and powered through the afternoon on a sugar high from the excellent buttercream frosting. Here's a link to the AAPB, so you can see the results and learn more about the project I'm working on:

This week was busy, but I managed to break my routine a few times. First on Tuesday, I went to happy hour at a near by bar called the Squealing Pig. The event was sponsored by the SLIS Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists (SCoSSA), and there was all sorts of good food and good company. It was a nice mid-week break. Later in the week, I had an interview for an audiovisual digitization internship at a local cultural heritage institution. It's two days a week over the summer, and I hope I get it, but I won't know for a little while. Fingers crossed! The other three days of the week, I would continue to work at Snell Library at Northeastern University. Plus, I'm taking a full course load, so I'm definitely not worried about being bored. Actually, I'm really excited and grateful that I'm finally at a point where I could potentially have full-time LIS employment (even if it is two part-time jobs).

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