Student Snippets


Summer Laziness

How is it already halfway through July? I thought summer was going to be less busy than the school year, but between my internship and the classes I was taking, I feel like it's been really busy. Maybe it's also the fact that it's summer. Summer, to me, means lounging. It means reading. It means going to movies and hanging out in places with AC on the hot-hot days.

I went to a concert last week which was fun. I want to go to a baseball game.

Summer means a lot of things, but maybe being productive isn't necessarily one of them. I've been trying to work on my novel this month (for Camp Nanowrimo), but it's hard work when it's sunny out and it's hot in my apartment. It's easier to read things other people have written. It's easier to see one of the so-called blockbusters in a cool theater.

The best part about being a future librarian? Even the things I use to be un-productive are weirdly productive. It's important for me to know the books in the library. I need to read the books in order to help people find them. Libraries use movies too.

That's one of the things I love about being a librarian. It's one of the reasons I know this is where I should be. When the things I want to do in my down-time are still relevant to what I want to do when I'm actually working, I think that's a good sign.

All the Best --