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Introducing a New Blogger!

Hello everyone! We'd like to introduce one of our new student bloggers, Josie Snow. Please read her bio and first post below:

Josie Snow grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado, where she lived until September of 2017. Her love of reading prompted her to become a teacher, and later to pursue her masters in Children's Literature, which is what brought her to Boston.In her free time, she enjoys exploring the east coast (its all so different than her home!), puzzles, hiking, and stories of all types.

New Adventures in Boston

I brace my feet and don my special glasses, trying to get a glimpse of the solar eclipse out the train window. I can't help but think how appropriate it seems for me to be hurtling through the countryside towards exciting, yet unknown territories at the same time that the sun and moon are reminding the world just how much we have to learn; how just as the moon will temporarily replace the sun, so too am I replacing mountains for coastline, and my small rural life to dwelling in the city.

After I arrive, I get to play the tourist for a few weeks, visiting the cape, walking the "Freedom Trail" which goes by many sites of importance to the American Revolution, and wandering around the city--trying to learn my way around. So goes the beginning of the adventure!

Snow_9-14a.jpg    Snow_9-14b.jpg

My mom and I watching the eclipse from the train