Student Snippets


Adventures by the sea

I have been here a month now, classes have begun, jobs have started, and I am more confident about where I am going. It is finally sinking in that I am not a tourist any more. I have begun to develop routines, and to truly adjust to my life in Boston. I did get a chance to do some more exploring and had a few more adventures before settling down in my little world of Boston. First, I went to the former home of August St. Gaudens, an artist who is particularly famous for his sculptures and coin faces. He is responsible for some of the most famous coin faces in the US, particularly the double eagle gold piece, as well as several Civil War statues. Next I went to visit the town of Kennebunkport, Maine. Where I got my first taste of New England's famous rocky coastlines. Finally, I returned to the cape and to one last dip in the Atlantic Ocean. As I got out of the water, I witnessed a very interesting weather phenomenon, where the mist gathered on the water, and on the edges of the beach around me, though I was left in a circle of hazy sunlight. It was like a scene for a story, and I fully expected to see a pirate ship on the horizon, here a mermaid's song, or see a selkie come to shore. There is a kind of magic about the Atlantic Ocean here that invites mystery, and gives the tales of old more credence. It is an affect I have seen in no other location so far.