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In Case of Free Time

Due to some marvelous twist of fate, I indeed have some of this coveted free time mentioned in the title, even in the midst of three classes, two part-time jobs, and an internship. Phew. Did I mention that the twist of fate was marvelous? Of course, a fair amount of said free time is spent taking care of important things (i.e. homework & blessed, blessed sleep) along with the everyday banalities of life. But how else to fill in those special gaps of nothingness? Here's how it looks for me:

I still read for pleasure. Honestly, I've found it impossible to stop! I tote books around to read on my train or bus commute, and I've joined a couple of different book clubs in the area. I was a little shy to jump in at first, but they've helped me be motivated to read new things regularly, and I'm also getting to meet some great new people.

FYI- the Meetup app is an awesome way to get plugged into groups like this!

Speaking of great new people, there are a lot of them all around me in my classes and at work. It's been wonderful to befriend a few and be able to hang out when our schedules allow. While I love being alone and need the space to recharge my inner battery, as we all do, I feel like making the time to be social and branch out has played a big part in enriching my life here.

Last but not least, I get creative. Literally. For me, this takes the form of writing. Whether it's journaling or blogging or whipping out some kind of prose, it doesn't matter. I've found that honoring the innovative force within helps me be more focused during other parts of my day, and hey, it also makes me real happy.

I guess that's the point I'm trying to make to us both--find what brings you joy, and do that. Take care of yourself. And don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! Rinse and repeat.

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