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Before I applied to Simmons, I did thorough research on the Master's of Library Science programs and what types of jobs you can get after you graduate.  Unfortunately, what I did not have was experience working in a library.  The only experience that I had working in a library was volunteering in middle school to help sign people up for the summer reading program (I'm pretty certain that doesn't count).  The thing that was stressed over and over in the information sessions that I attended before applying, and while meeting with my advisor, and in class was to get experience during your time at Simmons.  So, right now, I'm looking for that experience. 

The Archives Management concentration does require an internship course, LIS 438: Introduction to Archival Methods and Services, so I know I will get some experience when I take that class.  However, I'm not taking that class now so I'm hoping to find something before I take that class, whether it be a paid job, an internship, and/or more volunteer experience.  As I said before, SLIS really encourages getting work experience while at Simmons, so much so that they created the Simmons Jobline which advertises professional positions, pre-professional positions, internships, volunteer opportunities, and opportunities for current students.  The Jobline is an incredibly important tool and has been so useful to me in my job search. 

The SLIS program at Simmons is a professional program, so what I've found so far is that every reading, every assignment, every activity, and everything you learn in your classes is something useful and is something you can use in interviews.  You are not doing any busy work at SLIS- everything is for your future career.  Before I started this program, I actually had a few interviews at libraries and I wish I had the knowledge from the program to draw on, because then I might have a library job right now.  I recently had an interview for a part-time library position, and I felt it went so much better than the interviews I had before starting this program.  They've even called me back for a second interview.  Wish me luck, and I'll keep you posted on how it goes! 

If you are interested in the Simmons Jobline you can find it here here.

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