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I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone by!  It's already the second week of April, and I only have three weeks left in this semester.  As I mentioned in my previous post, last week was Fall 2018 registration, and this fall I am taking LIS 488, which is Technology for Information Professionals.  I'm not going to lie, I am a bit nervous about taking that class because while I am a child of the Internet, and I know my way around a number of technological devices, I do not know much about coding and programming.  However, I have heard nothing but encouraging things about this class, and I am eager to learn new skills. 

In other news, I have officially decided to take a class this summer.  I have signed up, and I have organized my schedule so that it will fit, and I am ready to go!  I am taking LIS 415, which is Information Organization.  Admittedly, I was hoping to actually make it to Main Campus for my next class, meet people (in real life), and get some public transportation practice in while the weather is nice, but alas, that will not be happening, for this class is only online during the summer.   However, the more this semester has gone on, the more I have come to appreciate online classes.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I would have never been able to travel this semester without the flexibility of the online class, and I'm sure I will continue to appreciate that flexibility and convenience this summer. 

If you're interested in seeing what other courses Simmons SLIS offers, you can do so here.

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